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A Bit Of A Hello

Well what the hell.

I’m 27 and moved to Hull in the summer to start a Politics degree (much procrastinating since my teenage years has left me starting a bit later than I had originally envisaged).
I’m not exactly the most sociable of creatures, perhaps because in the recent past I’ve socialised a bit too much to the determent of work and such like and also as I’m just a bit lazy sometimes (have been found wanting on the effort front).
Anyway first semester has been okay, enjoying the course, like the uni and I am pleasantly surprised by how much I like living in Hull (I live just off Princes Avenue).
My only failing so far has been to make more friends. Haven’t really came across anyone in my tutorials or lectures whom I could really envisage being more than just acquaintances, I know that sounds incredibly snobbish or arsey but it’s really not meant in that way, just haven’t clicked with anyone.
Realising I need to make more of an effort (and been willing to do so, no more lazy arse) I thought I’d post a little message here, see if anyone’s in a similar boat and so on.

So, interests.
Well there’s a big stack of film directors, authors, bands and artists on my Live Journal page to give you an idea of specifics but yes film and music are pretty high on the agenda.
I play drums and guitar, sort of rudimentary but I play bass quite well (though it’s just not as sexy is it). I’ve played in quite a few bands in the past, don’t really feel interested in doing so in the future.
As you would expect from someone studying Politics I am really interested in the subject. I have been toying with the idea of joining the uni’s Respect society, but as yet I haven’t actually seen any meetings listed, oh well.
Drinking, eating, football (yep, afraid so) all the usual gubbins as well.

I think I’ve managed to make myself sound quite unappealing as far as friends can go but anyway, you never know. I am actually a bit more positive and motivated than I may appear here, just that Christmas brings out the depressant in me (hence the reason it’s Friday the 23rd of December and rather than me being out celebrating the festive season I’m in my old bedroom in my parents house back in Scotland typing this up).
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